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Magc1 Product Detail

Tilt compensated compass module. Accuracy 0.1 degree. Low power. Tilt compensated to 45 degrees. Serial port control.

Product Summary

 Low power operation

 Small size

 0.1 degree accuracy

 Tilt compensation to =/- 45 degrees

Price: Please enquire

Brief description


This compass module is an add-on unit for a larger system. Accuracy is to 0.1 of a degree with a repeatability of 0.3 of a degree. The unit uses a simple serial port at RS232 levels to communicate utilizing a simple command set. Offset and 'real world' calibration is provided.


Please note:


This product has been replaced by a 'coming soon' Pic based alternative. Check back later or email enquires@boltekdesigns for further details.

Magc1 Module

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