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WeightSend Product Detail

This Windows application is the next in a range of weighing data collection applications from Boltek Designs. It is specifically designed for the “ MyWeigh Ultraship U2 ” USB scale. This application provides similar functionality to the free software provided with the "Ultraship U2" but with greater flexibility.

Product Summary


  User defined Prefix and Suffix characters

  Space stripping from the weight data

 User input pane for "on the fly " editing

 User selectable line terminators can be added

  Formatting is saved to file for re-use

  Works with many more applications

  Administrator login to prevent tampering

  Demo version available

  Minimise to taskbar with activity indication

  Windows 64bit compatible

New in version 1.1

  Split weight between 2 boxes when in lbs oz mode

New in version 1.2

  Works with both types of U2 scale

  Port search facility

  Scale activity shown on new statusbar

New in version 1.3

  Load Minimised on startup option

Price: $20


Designed to work exclusively with the MyWeigh Ultraship U2 scale, WeightSend collects the weight data sent from the U2’s usb port. This data is then formatted to suit the user’s requirements. Once the formatting is set up it is saved for use each time the application is started.



Place the item to be weighed on the scale and set the cursor in the receiving application's text box where the weight data is required. Press the send key on the scale. The reformatted weight data will appear in the text box(es).



The weight data output from the "MyWeigh UltraShip U2" is normally fixed at 8 characters. The user can remove all spaces from the output and the "+" sign from positive weights.Prefix characters may be added as well as Suffix characters if required. Both these sets of characters are user defined and saved for future program use. A user input page is also provided to manually edit the data before it is posted to the other application's window.

New in version 1.1: The user can now split the weight data when the scale is in lbs and oz mode. This makes it easy to fill in online American shipping calculators that use lbs and oz such as the US postal service.


System requirements

Windows Pc with .Net framework 2.0 or later and at least 1 USB 2.0 port


Downloads (latest version)

User manual in .pdf format is available here

Setup.exe version in .zip format is available here (includes manual and latest serial port driver)

WeightSend Screenshot

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