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ScaleDCU2 Product Detail

This Windows application is the first in a range of weight data collection applications from Boltek Designs. It is specifically designed for the “ My Weigh Ultraship U2 ” USB scale. Up 5 user defined fields are saved in a daily data file. The output file is in XML format and is easily imported to Excel for further analysis

Product Summary


·  Up to 5 user definable fields and field order

·  Daily output file in XML format for easy export

·  5 internally generated fields to choose from

·  Optional on screen data display window

·  User defined data collection folder

·  Administrator login to prevent tampering

·  Demo version available

·  Minimise to taskbar with activity indication

·  Ability to send scale data to other apps

·  Windows 64bit compatible

New in version 1.3

·  Data sent to other apps can now be formatted. See the WeightSend page for details

Price: £25 (GBP)


Designed to work exclusively with the My Weigh Ultraship U2 scale, ScaleDCU2 collects the weight data sent from the U2’s usb port. This data is then formatted to suit the user’s requirements and saved as a serial numbered record in the daily output file. These files which are in XML format may be easily imported into other applications such as Microsoft’s Excel for further weekly, monthly and yearly analysis.



Once the program has been set up to the users format simply place the weight on the scale and press the send button on the U2 scale.



The My Weigh U2 has a fixed output so this parameter  is not adjustable. It is a simple weight output which can be placed in any of the up to 5 allowed fields in each data record. To make each record more readable there are 5 internally generated fields which may be added to each record. These are Date, Time, Scale# and 2 User fields. These fields are added or edited by way of a filter settings page from the settings menu.

There is also a live data window  which can be enabled from the settings menu. In the above screenshot the filter is set up for 4 fields with the headings  Scale, Weight, Serial Number and Time.

The folder where the daily output files are stored is selectable by a “browse to” window and can be changed by the user.

All these settings are saved in a configuration file.


System requirements

Windows Pc with .Net framework 2.0 or later and at least 1 USB 2.0 port



User manual in .pdf format is available here

Demo version in .msi format is available here

Setup.exe version in .zip format is available here (includes maual and version history)

ScaleDCU2 Screenshot

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