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RBSB1 Product Detail

The RBSB1 is a small outline, power efficient low cost module for a variety of applications.  Its primary use is for straingauge loadcell applications but it can to be attached to most types of bridge type sensors.  It is controlled by a simple serial port which can be either cable or wireless.  The low power consumption allows for battery operation and its small footprint makes it ideal for 'add on' OEM requirements.

Product Summary


· Small size 35mm by 40mm

· Adjustable resolution and speed up to 16 bits or 240 sps

· Low power consumption

· Cable or wireless connectivity

· Reprogrammable in the field

· Simple command structure

· Able to accommodate non-linear sensors

· Low cost

· Rolling average for transient smoothing


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The small footprint of the circuit board makes it ideal to build into larger loadcells for a standalone weighing application, or integrating as part of an existing design.


Resolution and speed

Internal resolution up to 16 bits or conversion speeds up to 240 samples per second are possible.


Power consumption

Less than 4mA  for the cable version (excluding the loadcell).  Loadcell power consumption can be reduced by more than 50% by using the power saving function.



The standard board comes with 2 wired serial port connections, one at standard RS232 levels, the other at TTL levels.  An optional Bluetooth add-on module is available for wireless applications.


Field Reprogrammable

The internal firmware can be updated in the field using the port provided on the circuit board.


Simple command structure

There are currently 16 simple text commands used to control the module.


Non-linear sensors

Up to 5 calibration points available for non-linear applications and math functions are available for custom designs.


Full Specification is downloadable here

Technical user guide is downloadable here

RBSB1 command list is available here

Sample application (simple weighing display) is available here or visit the downloads page

Remote Bridge Sensor Board RBSB1

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