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Prodcheck Product Detail

Windows Application. Utilizes a barcode scanner to get product information from an item on a weighing scale. Checks product is between user set limits. 'Go' or 'No go' output signal. Logs and produces various reports for production analysis. Prints a formatted label.

Product Summary

 Fast Product check by weight

 Comprehensive data logging to file

 Two tier access, operator and administrator

 Network file saving

 Go and no go outputs

 Custom label format

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ProdCheck Production Line QA Software for the PC


ProdCheck is a compact Microsoft Windows-based application for the PC. It may be used at the end of a production line for finished product or sub assembly checking prior to being put into stock. These finished products or sub-assemblies are tested by weight then either accepted or rejected based on product weight data set by the user. The product or assembly should have a product code and a serial or production number in any barcode format attached to it. This forms the trigger for the system. The PC is connected to a barcode scanner, a weighing scale with a communication interface preferably a Palway Sigma display. Optionally a printer for large box labels and or a network card for remote saving of the output files may also be attached. The finished product or sub-assembly is placed on a weighing scale. The scale can be part of a conveyor system powered or manual. If the scan is a valid product scan the product type is tested against a stored data file to see if it is valid. If it is, then the weigh scale is asked for valid weight data. The weight is then compared to the limits defined in the product data file. The serial number is checked against previously processed products of that type for duplicates. If the serial number is valid and the weight is within the limits then a label is printed with the type, serial number, weight, operator's name, date, time and a larger barcode if required. The transaction is added to the daily product type file and the processing point file. The screen display shows success or failure and some hints on correcting failures. If used with an appropriate scale display a .5 second accept or reject signal which can be sent to conveyor control gear if required.


Prodcheck user manual in .pdf format here


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