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PicDis Product Detail

PicDis is an auto labelling disassembler for the 'Pic' microcontroller range. It uses dlls for each range. It will disassemble standard .hex files and supports 'drag and drop'.

Product Summary

 Auto labeling

 Supports drag and drop of .hex files


Price: Free

PicDis is a compact Microsoft Windows application for disassembling standard .HEX file formats produced by MPLAB and other compilers into .asm format. The output can be edited and saved as a source file for use later. The disassembler uses a two pass method to establish label placeholders in the code making the output window very easily readable. The labels are formatted as Labelxx: where xx represents a hexadecimal number. There are options to use 'pseudo op codes' (SKPNZ, SKPC etc.) and a comments field which if used puts the actual instruction address after the ; delimiter. The program also supports drag and drop of both .HEX and .ASM files. Once the initial disassembly has taken place, there is a search and replace facility on the Edit menu to replace the label placeholder with something more meaningful when the purpose of the subroutine has been established. The application was originally written to evaluate the Pic16c84 as a viable device and a free version of that is available here . The full version utilizes plug in dlls for each processor family or variants and is available at modest cost for the following processors: pic10 (16c54/55/56/57) , pic71/84 (16c71/84/f84) and pic876 (pic16f873/4/6/7). Others will be added soon. For information and pricing of the full version please email us.

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