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Simple weighing display to demonstrate the functions of the RBSB1 remote sensor board found in the product pages on this site. The display is a simple 6 digit ‘Lcd’ like graphic display with  ‘start/stop’ and ‘tare’ buttons. There is an administration login to enable the ‘settings’ menu items. Password is ‘admin’ and in the demonstration version it is fixed. Once the menu items have been enabled, all items except calibration work normally. ‘Port settings’ allows changes to the serial port and port speed. There is a ‘Debug’ window which shows the actual communication flow to and from the RBSB1. This window is opened automatically in the demo version and the menu item for it is always active. The ‘Scale settings’ menu item allows the user to change the  weighing scale full scale range and the increment parameters. The format can be in either normal or engineering maths formats. If these parameters are altered then the calibration mode is entered. The user is prompted to clear the scale for zero offset calibration then asked for the calibration weight which is placed on the scale at this time. These parameters, full scale, increment, zero offset and calibration coefficient are saved in the RBSB1. The status and scale information in the display is updated.  The ‘Gain and Resolution’ menu item allows the user to adjust the onboard analogue to digital converter parameters. Any changes affect the calibration and these parameters are saved on board the RBSB1.


PC version requires 450kb of storage space, Windows XP or Vista and .NET framework 2.0 or greater. A single  RS232 port for wired boards or Bluetooth with a SPP for wireless boards.

PDA version requires 400k of storage, Windows Mobile 5.0 or later and .NET compact framework 2.0 or greater. Bluetooth SPP preferred or a wired RS232 port. Activesync is required for the .EXE and .MSI versions.


Download information:

PC Version

Available in .MSI format here and in .Zipped setup.exe format here.For Vista systems administrator level access is required. Only 1 file (the executable) is installed nominally as a subdirectory of the \Program Files folder. Once the Program has been set up and run a small .XML file is created in the executable folder to retain settings.


PDA Version

Available in .MSI format here and in .Zipped setup.exe format here.Both these versions use activesync to install the executable on the mobile device. If installation problems are experienced with Vista try the .EXE version. There is a .CAB version here for non activesync systems.

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On this page there are sample applications for the RBSB1 . These are supplied as is and without support or warranty implied or otherwise.